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About the School of X

What's our Deal?

We teach people how to solve the challenges they care about, through design – our classroom is the world around us.

About Tower
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Taking messy, complex challenges and making sense of them

Those wicked problems that feel impossible to resolve are perfect for School of X! We help you build the skills you need to see your challenges with fresh eyes, and unlock new ways forward, through simple tools and activities.

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X is the unlimited power to see new ways of doing things, through design.

At School of X you will tap into your natural creativity to generate endless ideas for solving your problems. We help you unleash your creative powers, and connect-the-dots between your wicked problems, the people you are designing for, and the impacts you’re trying to create.

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Rolling up our sleeves and trying things out unlocks our superpowers!

We believe in learning by doing. The more we practice and test things out, the more we learn and the better solutions we design. Being biased for action allows us to unlock our creativity quicker and create impacts we didn’t believe we could.

Our Values

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To make a positive difference to the world around us, by collaborating to solve our shared challenges.


To help everyone see the value and power of design in the world around them.


To support the ongoing learning, development and growth of our community through continued opportunities to practice designing for good.


To simplify design tools, terms, and activities so that anyone can unlock their design superpowers.


To equip people with the knowledge, skills, tools and community to solve the challenges they care about, through design


Bringing design impact to your community

School of X was established by DesignSingapore Council in 2020, to equip Singaporeans with the design thinking skills to co-create better living experiences. School of X supports three of the strategic thrusts set out in “Design 2025”, the design masterplan for Singapore:


Bringing design into the community


Infusing design into the national skillset


Expanding the role of design in business and government

We do this by working with local and international designers to bring practical, hands-on learning experiences to our participants, whilst working on the real world challenges they want to tackle. School of X is designed to be relevant for everyone, no matter their background, age, education status, or level of experience in design. We believe in lifelong learning by doing.